A Matter Of Space And Time

Yet Another Demo


The Project.

The work is metaphorically represented by the journey of a never born child who, at the moment of birth, is attracted by the beauty and greatness of the universe from which he comes and therefore decides not to land on earth.

He prefers to wander adrift in the cosmos, instead, within the his spaceship named "helichrysum" in the company of his puppy dog.

The journey is metaphorically a reflection on life, a journey to discover the meaning of our existence, on the harmonious role we should have in the universe, on the time we have available and, at the same time, it is an introspective journey into the space of memories by reflecting on the lives we have met or perhaps lived previously and unconsciously.

The journey ends with the decision to return to planet earth to be born and try to live in harmony.

  • Roberto Nannucci: guitar, lap steel guitar, lead vocals
  • Mauro Genova: bass
  • Marco Visconti: drums

Special guests and former members:
Daniele Mangiapanello - drums on demo tracks
Sergio Bedessi - keyboards, synths on demo tracks
Alessia Chiari - backing vocals on demo tracks

Music and arrangements by Madarose
Lyrics by: Roberto Nannucci

Artworks and layout by Christian Ceccherini
Logo by Riccardo Fuzio


All I see

Music by: Madarose

Lyrics by: Roberto Nannucci

All I see
is silent clouds in my eyes
All inside me
is oozing still and quiet like nothingness
Flying away,
sweet crumbs of memory are rolling through my brain
All I feel
It's nothing, nothing but me

All I hear,
is the silence of the nothing and the roar of the all
All away
shadows of the battle get longer somewhere else
A ball in my hands
There's a kid running home at sunset
All I feel
It's nothing, nothing but me

All gone and far away
All gone and far away
All gone and far away
All gone and far away


Music by: Madarose

Lyrics by: Roberto Nannucci

Planets, stars and solar winds
discreet grace without vanity
watching our pride from the highs,
smiling at the weaknesses that make us survive

passing by, passing through
clouds 're a great invention too
for those who stop to raise their nose:
Time has passed, clouds are gone.
A deep breath, please, and watch the sun
astride a fence, you wait till your day is done
watching the clouds passing by,
dim light cannot obscure a perfect flower shine

a drop of dew on a blade of grass
sways in the wind that wander pleasant
and lulls my thoughts that lightly go
like clouds beyond the horizons

Time Flood

Music by: Madarose

Lyrics by: Roberto Nannucci

Time is flooding
throughout all my mind
sinking and raising far memories
of all the things left behind

Tide comes and goes
bringing dead flowers back to life
And sharpens rocks they are onto
reminds me there's no paradise (above)

Time is flooding
wind swaying wheat fields
in a late spring afternoon
My shed is over the hills

I take a breath of my madness,
a never ending fall,
I hear the voice of my mom calls me
and disappears fading slowly into the flood



Somewhere in time, Loc. S.Brigida, Firenze


+39 348 88 22 399